7th Symposium on Science Education 2021

4 September 2021 | A Virtual Symposium

Fathoming the STEM Education towards Innovative and Intellectual Sustainability

Symposium on Science Education 2021

Welcome to the SoSE 2021 which take place on 4th September 2021 in virtual platform, ZOOM. 

The Symposium on Science Education 2021 (SoSE 2021), now into its 7th year, aims once again to showcase different ideas and techniques on innovative and effective teaching methods for STEM subjects. 

With the theme of “Fathoming the STEM Education towards Innovative and Intellectual Sustainability", the symposium takes cognizance of the fact that digital technologies are part of innovative teaching methods in order to facilitate the teaching and learning of STEM to engage students' learning especially during pandemic era.

Nationwide, there is a steady decline in enrolment of students for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects or courses. This is a cause for concern because advancement of science and technology would define the country’s progress towards achieving its national key result areas. 

This development is recognised by the education policy makers as well as institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. In cognizance of this concern, UTAR aim to make a difference. It is our mission to ensure that student interest in STEM subjects/courses remains a prominent and lasting feature wherever these are offered.